Podcast 001 – 15th April 2011

Keep up to date with the latest news from The Kent Shakespeare Company in audio form! Interviews with the cast and crew, recordings from auditions and out-takes.

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Shakespeare – good for the brain.

A scientist shows that some neurons fire late when listening to Shakespeare because he made up words (or something, I’ve not actually read it). This gets turned by the media into “one iambic pentameter a day will breed race of super Einsteins”.


Anyway, sciency thing: quite interesting; media reports: misleading; opportunity for Cole Porter song? I thought you’d never ask…

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Here we go again

Sunny Sunday

Bernard and Ben enjoy the sun on the first Sunday rehearsal of the season

We’ve been rehearsing for this year’s production (As You Like It – buy your tickets early!) for a month or so now, but this year we’ve been remarkably kind to the cast and booked indoor rehearsal space. This luxury is all very well, but a rehearsal room that is not only dry and light, but also has a bar is not something we’re used to.

So, getting out to Mount Ephraim this past Sunday really brought it home that preparations are under way for another year and there are only a couple of months left before the show opens.

Anyone who has been involved with one of these productions in past years will remember (sometimes with fondness) the Sunday morning rehearsals. In memory they are sunny, unhurried convivial occasions and this first Sunday of the season didn’t disappoint.

Here’s hoping the weather stays with us…

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A Blog?!

Yes, a blog.

Not quite up and running yet, but it will be soon, with all sorts of KSC goodness.

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