Sheep – Named!

Many thanks to the literally hundreds some of you who entered our Name The Sheep competition.

Quite a few raised a smile, some a frown of blank incomprehension. My favourite – the one that actually made me laugh audibly – was Uriah. So congratulations to Duncan (aka Capt. Mintsauce) who wins a pair of tickets for the peformance of his choice.

In a spirit of complete disclosure I should probably say that Duncan is a good friend, a man I’ve know for years and godfather to my son. For anyone who wants to cry foul over this I offer you this small salve to your disappointment – for a period of at least 12 hours from when this is published (and possibly longer), you can use the code URIAH on the buy tickets page to get a whopping 50% off the usual purchase ticket price.

What are you waiting for?

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